Helping Animals in Need

I am an animal lover as well as an artist and because of this I’ve decided to use my artistic skills to help out animals in need. This takes the form of donating 20% of the profits from each reproduction sold to one or more animal welfare organization. I have also donated custom pet portraits to animal rescues for fundraising events.

You can currently find a set of shelter cat illustrations at the Seattle PAWS shelters where we have turned them into coloring pages for kids. The original artworks are at PAWS Cat City in Seattle.

Ink Art & Colored Pencil

I have worked in a variety of medias over the years. My online presence focuses mainly on my Ink Artwork and Pet Portraits but you will also find my earlier Colored Pencil work. I am currently focusing on Ink and Animal Portraiture.

Giclées, Prints, Reproductions

I sell reproductions of both my Ink Art and Colored Pencil Art.

I use a single Seattle-based company to both scan my ink artwork and to make my wonderful reproductions. A truly beautiful reproduction always begins with high resolution scanning. The scan must be perfect or it won’t be capable of making a high quality reproduction. During the scanning process the scan is color corrected to match the original. When placed side by side it is near impossible to tell the original from the reproduction.

Each giclée print comes in its own archival sleeve and with its own archival backing board (not mounted). This ensures that each reproduction stays flat and is protected throughout the entire process and arrives on pristine condition.

My eShop is currently closed. Please visit my Ink Art Shop and you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love!

Giclee Prints Example - Ink Art by Kathryn Koozer - www.ink.kathrynkoozer.com

Original Artwork

I generally don’t post my originals for sale but I will consider requests.

Greeting Cards & Other Merchandise

It is an on-going project to develop other products with my artwork.

Please visit my Zazzle Store for my Colored Pencil Art gifts.

Custom Pet Portraits

Interested in a Custom Pet Portrait of your beloved furbaby?

I love doing custom pet portraits for people – all kinds of animals, not just cats. I currently work in two different styles – Squiggle Portraits, and Patterned Portraits. To see examples of my Animal Portraits visit my portraiture gallery: here.  You can also see my work on my Facebook Art Page.

For more information about the Custom Pet Portrait process and pricing please send me a message through my website or through my Facebook Page.

Visit, ‘Like’, & ‘Follow’ my Facebook Page because I randomly hold raffles to give away free custom portraits. I also participate in Animal Welfare Fundraisers where you can score a really great deal.

Below are two of my favorite portraits (they are my childhood kitties). The first is in my Squiggle Style (Tabbitha) and the other is in my Patterned Style (Neko).

Custom Pet Portrait 1 - Ink Art by Kathryn Koozer - www.ink.kathrynkoozer.com

 Custom Pet Portrait 2 - Ink Art by Kathryn Koozer - www.ink.kathrynkoozer.com

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